Blooming Girls programs are for girls ages 5-12. Our instructor provides confidence building classes for girls and workshops to build self esteem, in Fort Collins.

Comments from parents and girls who participated in Blooming Girls…

I think that the objectives and activities are just what girls coming of age in today’s society need. I was thrilled when I found out about Blooming Girls – I so wholeheartedly believe in the mission of BG. Today’s girls face so many pressures that place value on their appearance and that normalize just a few “ways of being” as “best” or “right.” I love the BG helps girls appreciate what makes them each unique/helps them listen to their own voices. What a gift to give our girls. I hope that my daughters will participate in the program until they age out of it.

-Jen Ogle

Blooming Girls is the best, I experience sharing and making new friends. I hope other girls can experience what I have.

-Katie (girl)

My daughter has become much more confident since Blooming Girls, she doesn’t get upset over little things like she used to and has a better perspective about things like her friends’ moods and behaviors and doesn’t take them personally like she used too. She’s also become much more responsible about doing the things that she’s supposed to do like homework, practicing the piano and the small chores she does around the house. Overall, she’s learned a lot about herself and what makes her happy.

-Anna Boyer

Love the program. It is a nice way for my daughter to mix with new children, develop friendship/life skills and grow.

-Janet Perry

The life lessons that you give our girls are priceless. We really appreciate what you do and I think that you do such absolutely wonderful thing. It made a difference for our daughter and she definitely grew from her summer session with you.

-Michelle Butterworth